An apology for Almost Michael Phelps

I said something mean to you

I said we can't friends

I meant to say 'I'm afraid I am

a girl who never mends'

I don't want you to hurt me so

I keep our distance wide

I don't want to be hurt again

I'm sad to say I lied


The moment the words they left my mouth

I saw the sharp stings land

I heard the thorns impaling you 

Felt the chasm yawn, expand

A sorry bloomed across my lips

the word might clear the air

A smile instead upon your lips

caused me to pause right there


Instead of cold and hurting eyes

mine met with only green

your grin replaced with off key laughs

I bristled,  ripe to scream,

'Don't come too near you devil's trap!

Your glow will hurt my eyes! 

Your crooked teeth and messy hair

my doom in stone prescribes!

Don't smile at me when I push away

don't follow when I flee!

I can't endure your simple ways

They're far too dear to me.'


You caught my heart in callused hands

I think you hardly see

You have my love, you jaded thing

wish you'd stop pursuing me


I can't believe it's come to this

Nothing in the world can help

Conceded with grace, a poem for

My Almost Michael Phelps



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