An Apology


United States

I’m sorry every morning was an english muffin

I let you become the entity that circled my transcripts

Watched tv with me

Bought the granola bars

You are more than that.


I’m sorry I listened to you

When you sang those beautiful songs

And told me that life

Is all or nothing

As you tiptoed on the silver lining of a storm


I’m sorry I describe apples the same way I describe people

I told her that a Fuji

Is just a Red Delicious mixed with Granny Smith

But I’ve never really tried a Fuji


I’m sorry I was too busy thinking about that Talking Heads song

To notice that tiny beautiful thing you did

Sometimes I forget that your soft blue jacket

Is not nearly as warm as

your dark chocolate soul


I’m sorry I forgot to write about you until the end of this poem

You’re just a few miles away

Maybe, I’m scared the others will eventually mean more

That fear makes me drift away

Until it becomes real


I’m sorry I didn’t realize you were dying

Until it was almost too late

Sometimes you have to trim a tree down

Before it can grow

I can smell the pine from here

In the stars


This poem is about: 
My family
My community


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