"An Apology"

Dear Linda,


I’m sorry


I’m sorry that I’m your best friend,

yet will never be able to relate

or posses the amount of strength

necessary to live in your colour skin.


I’m sorry that my white privilege guarantees

I won't be questioned because of my race

while you still have to prove your worth

as the only coloured person in our entire grade.


I’m sorry that I can’t protect you

or even feel like I need to  

because you’re a beautiful individual

who deserves more than given to you.  


I’m sorry that I take advantage of your culture,

your beauty, your strength, your ideas and your skin

your intelligence, your hair, and your enthusiasm -

all of these traits on which our America depends.


I’m sorry


I’m sorry that I touch your curly hair

and become incaptivated,

stopping myself only after I realize

my arrogance is why it’s initiated.


I'm sorry you’re identified by your race:

Our Chocolate Momma, Mocha Queen,

Our Cinnamon Spice, Dulce Delight,

Hazelnut Cake or Almond Beauty.


I’m sorry that, instead, you're not referred to

as a strong, independent women who

can fend for herself, with No social construct,

No shade, No tint, No colour being what identifies you.


I’m sorry.


I’m sorry that I’m white

and my ancestors took advantage of yours.

I’m sorry that some people don’t understand

that America's history is reason enough to fight for a cure.


I’m sorry that fifty-three years

post the Civil Rights Act, screams of inequality and tears for

Philando Castile

Tamir Rice

Sandra Bland

Freddie Gray

prove that colour is what America most fears.


I’m sorry that I can joke about

getting that speeding ticket in September

while, in my place, you would have had to remind cops

that you're not armed and you’re not a danger.


I’m sorry that I even feel obligated

to apologize for countless acts discrimination,

but I'm scared for this countries future

and acknowledge our past and present white infatuation.


I’m sorry but I am also proud.


Proud of you, your accomplishments,

of your strength and want to flourish,

I'm proud of your hope and your compassion,

of your success and your courage.


I'm sorry Linda.


I'll sing this apology as a war cry

as I kneel beside Kaepernick,

let out a desperate breath for Eric Garner,

and pray that America comes together to fight.  


I’ll sing and, on this bloody, drawn-out warpath, stand

arms locked, fighting against racism

and crying out pleas of equality, hand-in-hand,

with you, my hero and my best friend.


This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world
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