Apocalyspe Panic On Campus

Fri, 03/01/2019 - 11:04 -- Tiarra3

Inside the art room I reside,

Sharpening paint brushes

No longer used for art on paper

But as a shank to put between those zombies eyes

My names not Rick and no I’m not Lee

A Leegend I could never be

Clementine, no.

I am simply me.


All I have to do is crack the door

Grab one… yes I know

Stab him in the head

Well here I go

Success I say in my head quickly closing the door


Now it is time to use the other paint brush

Well there go the guts

On my body they go

Just hold your breath I tell myself

Time to go…. Off to the chemistry lab I go

Unsuspected… not bitten at all

Man thank you AMC and Telltale

I’m on a roll


I walk into the chemistry lab

It is surprisingly empty

A big gaping hole penetrates the wall

Alright here I go

These books full of explosions… I’ll call them potions

Boom, but not just smoke

A lighter I see….a spray bottle… oh whoah

The zombies go a flyin’

To the cafeteria I go

Still covered in guts and still on a roll

A cart with wheels, yes a thrill

Roll slow… walk slow

The cafeteria, well I’m finally here

Grab the food… the drinks… just water though

The canned food has not spoiled

Oh no… It is him… my love… I wish

He is dead...But I know what I know

He always carries his keys in the pocket next to his knee

I slowly pull a paint shank from my pocket

And wam… his face is perfect no more

As he falls… I fall too… I have to remain unsuspecting

I take his keys…. The cart… the food

Outside I go….But home I don’t know


This poem is about: 
Our world


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