Thu, 01/08/2015 - 12:06 -- eseiden

Sounds of chaos are no more

the actions taken

are forever engraved

in the minds of those

strong enough to survive.

In a world full of instinct—

such a fragile nature

it is not easy to keep one’s head.

But in a world of endings

creating beginnings

anything is possible.


In the oasis

others are away

intelligence thrives over all else.

Different values and morals abandoned;


But within this madness

the visionaries live

with their dreams of a better foundation.

In this world of beginnings

never leading to endings

anything is possible.


As the cause of the end becomes clear

it was they who facilitated their own demise

the results seem only logical.

Though the ever present factor

of things unfair

make the laws difficult to follow.

Which is why

as the end draws to a close

and a beginning forms

we sit

and wait

listen and watch

because we know

that nothing is impossible.


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