Aphrodite Tries Tinder

Where have all the good men gone?

They're far from Olympus 

Further from Olympians 

Yet she still desperately craves a bond


She logs on and swipes left

Over, and over, and over, and over

Who could've guessed that her very love could be amongst the few to the right

Her heart a victim of theft


And from whom?

Not a man or boy

But an app

It's hard to assume that it could be true


Her addiction starts from the seed of attention

It is not love she seeks but admiration

Through every DM and every chat she finds more of it

Yet her desires remain in suspension 


She know she cannot truly find what she craves 

At least not through a screen

Yet she swipes and swipes and swipes

Desperately trying to be seen




After spending the past month in Greece studying Greek mythology with my college class, I was very taken by this scholarship and it's modern twist to Greek mythology. 

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