Hair like bleached and toned gold,

Cheekbones shining bright from highlight,

Nose looking perfectly contoured,

With her baby pink dusted cheeks


She snapped a photo.


A small gummy bear inbetween her teeth,

Holding the bottle next to her head, 

She snapped another,

And spit out the gummy bear.


A smile grazed her face,

Smiling at her own outfit she gave herself a warm embrace,

Her beautiful yellow shirt embroidered and laced,

She loves her job.


Changing into a different outfit she did,

To go off to her first photoshoot,

She’s going to be launching her own clothing brand soon,

Coming to stores all over and near you!


The life of an influencer is nothing more than a life of attention,

And she relished in that,

She loves being the center of attention when she wants to be.


Captions express pure love and sensuality in PG Family friendly ways,

Sponsors flow in seeing her vast reach,

Her vast popularity,

Everyone she can reach all in one place.


Making this her job has been a dream,

Follow @Aphoedite on insta (not rlly),

She’s more baddie than she seems.



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