(poems go here) Your song of love,
so soft, so gentle I can feel it caress me.
Your power,
stronger than anticipated, you control me so effortlessly.
With Mt. Olympus so high,
I can only imagine the remains of those you discarded...
Aphrodite, please don’t abdicate me.
Please do not allow me to suffer through the sorrow, & untimely death as my soul crashes through Gaia's beautiful green earth to be greeted by Hades.
Please do not allow me to be one of his many trophies, singing the song of pain along with his lifeless choir.
I wonder how many took you for granted,
I wonder how many abused your power.
So immortal but yet so weak...
Your weakness is your own power.
Why do you continue to give...When you have never gotten in return.
Let me be the Athena to your power,
I can show you how it feels to be honorably praised.
Then maybe your power will no longer be your weakness.


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