Apathetic World

Oh apathetic world
Unplug your deaf ears
Listen to me, I beg
Soften your hard hearts and allow them to breath
Oh apathetic world 
Let your heart become impassioned
Let your conscience disagree 
Feel the spark of inspiration flood your soul again
Oh apathetic world 
I pray that one word I dare to utter
Lights within you a frail heartbeat of passion
That one sentence I speak enrages you
Oh apathetic world
How ominous is the line you walk
Apathy is more dangerous than hatred 
Your meager satisfaction with normalcy is a mirage.
Oh apathetic world,
Dare to push the lines of conformity 
Wade through the lagoon of practicality 
For once in your sad lives, drink in zeal, every last drop.
Oh apathetic world,
I beg of you, feel any emotion 
that throws itself in your path.
Ride these waves of feeling, 
Grasp them with white knuckles.
Oh apathetic world, I beg you, do not stop caring.
For when you stop caring, the world will cease to have hope.


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