People can often be illogical

Self Centered


And occasionally intolerable

It didn’t faze you in any deadly way


Maybe it took a sharp turn

from horse to foul play

But like my jackass dad used to say

"you still breathin?

well shit suck it up, you'll be okay."


If your heart’s in the right place

You’re “two-faced” or just “too nice”

“A push-over”

Keep that good shit running like an NBA replay


If you’re authentic

You’ll be “blunt”

“Too direct” “Rude”

Those are just ignorant cliches

Stay voracious

Do not fade away


If you’re blossoming

Stay Blooming

When you’re noteworthy

Don’t expect only good notes


Keep grooving to your heart’s beat though

Because that's morse code live from your soul

You gotta stay rare

Before common conformity becomes

Communistic crowd control


We crave that unparalleled extraordinary

In any sort of way


We need sui generis runaways that set the leeway

we need the leap days

and occasionally risque soirées

and baseball’s ritualistic dirty plays

So society won’t run too astray


Just like the Nutcracker needs ballet

Like grey Monday needs

Friday night’s jet-black lingerie

like Nirvana needs Kurt Cobain

We need those bows after the rain


Jealousy will be profound

When you find a way to smile

don’t trip though because on Cloud 9 it’s too intoxicating

To hear any words on the ground


When you synthesize something

That feeds your soul

That’s enchanting to you

Stay with that sensational complacency

You earned it



It wasn't about them anyway


This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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