From the beginning of my life everyone told me I could be anything I wanted to. "Anything," they said, "Anything you want." Then I got older, and life became "practical." I wanted to be a doctor. "Think practically," they'd say. "You need to make a more attainable goal, one you can reach." So then I wanted to be a professional soccer player. Then it was "I want you to succeed, and you might not be good enough to go all the way." So I thought about being a lawyer. It was "impractical." Maybe I could own a bakery? No, that too was impractical.  Designing buildings took a steadier hand. I wasn't quite pretty enough to be a model. Being a teacher took more patience. I just wasn't the singer/songwriter type. Pro football? I wasn't strong enough. Suddenly "anything," became nothing. I was imprisoned  in a box of "cannot's." I graduated high school with no purpose or plan for my life. I could have been "anything." Instead, I'm flipping burgers, and mopping floors at a fast food restaurant. I could have had a steady, successful career. Instead, I'm working odd jobs, making just enough money to pay the bills, and buy groceries. Don't be imprisoned in the box of "cannot's." Break out. Be who you want to be. No "practicalities." Life is meant to be lived. You are meant to succeed. You can be "anything."


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