Is Anyone Out There?


Almost every teenager,

Feels like their struggle is their own. 

All of the sadness and anger, 

Makes you feel like you're alone.

"Is anyone out there?

Can anyone hear me?

Is anyone aware

of pain to this degree?"

Only sadness inside,

No light can be seen. 

All you do is hide, 

But then you see a gleam. 

A beacon of hope, 

A person to listen. 

A device to cope, 

A way to be forgiven.

Someone is out there, 

You are heard. 

End the nightmare

With a single word.

"Help" is fine, 

"Listen" is great. 

Any word you can find, 

Can lift that weight. 

In your despair, 

Don't feel broken. 

"Is anyone out there?" 

Has always been spoken. 

Someone is here, 

Waiting for a sound. 

Say "Is anyone out there?" 

And they will turn your life around.




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