Anxiety Made Me Stronger

I thought anxiety controlled me.

I was scared to think about it.

I started feeling dead inside.

I could never breathe anymore.

I wasn't me anymore.

I thought being 12 was supposed to be fun.

I thought anxiety only happened when something bad happened to people.

I got medication.

I thought it would help, it didn't.

I began to grow older.

I prayed.

I knew God would help me.

I listened to my heart instead of my head.

I guess anxiety got tired of me.

I feel like I'm me again.

I know anxiety made me love deeper.

I know anxiety made me feel deeper. 

I know anxiety made me learn better.

I know anxiety taught me to think of others.

I know anxiety made me depend on myself.

I know anxiety made me face my fears.

I know God let me have an anxiety disorder for a reason.

I thank you God.

I know anxiety made me stronger. 



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