Anxiety disorder

Last year was full of tears but now I see everything clear. What lied beneath me were self fabricated fears. Does anxiety disorders ever heal? Felt like I was at the border and the more I held on to the thoughts felt like a hoarder without any direction or order. The thoughts crippled me as I fought, felt as if I was shot, what knot on my chest like a demon placing a plot. That year I felt so much pain, felt like I was tied to weighted chains. My pounding chest felt so drain, I no longer felt sane and my weak body was taking a strain. Panic attack felt like an axe on my back, stacks of fears that made my body crack. Today here I stand tall and strong. To prove only myself wrong, that pain is temporary. I'm the writer of my journey and I have chosen to put a semicolon.A semicolon is a continuation to my destination and that should be my motivation. A period is an end but all you need is friend to help you mend. Felt so misunderstood but despite everything here I stood.

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