I have to get out

I have to get out

I have to get out


The walls are closing 

The pain is applauding

The crys scream louder

The rooms spin faster


Into the corner I crawl

On my hands and knees a brawl

Into my spot

To hide from the monster 

The monster that haunts

that haunts me to my very core


That bruns with passion

That shines so bright

That makes the doors scream with fright

That makes the grey matter paralyzed


The monster creeps in

Slowly and sliently

Looking around everything is clear


The loud noise


The walls


The sight of whats real


The monster sweeps in

Demands it all

Taking what it can

Taking what it can not

Taking all that is real and is not


The rocking will come

Saddness will blanket

Confussion will draw

And the sea will clam


But not for too long

For the monster has its way

The monster always comes back 




Stormie Shadle


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