Anxiety is wanting your life to be over but at the same time being scared to die

It's like I'm trapped on this bad h ride which is my life

And I feel like I'm bout to fall out but I'm caught by a thread

so Im not really going anywhere

Doctors want me to get a grip of reality so they give me med

Hoping that it could work like super glue sticking me to a mind set that is suppose to be "normal"

I'm trapped but I'm free trapped in my thoughts but yet roaming freely in the dark

Anxiety is not knowing what you need to know

To be able to say what you need to say

Being able to explain how you feel without out the scare of the ones you love trying to disappear

Anxiety is trying to cling on to the little faith and strength you do have to be able to get out of bed

Even though you know that something bad will happen regardless of how many times you pray

Or how many positive thoughts you put into the universe or how positive you think that you are all together

Anxiety is getting scared and checking every 5 minutes to see if your heart's still there because you feel so empty

That your body becomes a few pounds lighter not physically but mentally

Anxiety is feeling like soon you will misteriously become history

And the life you have endured will be a crazy messed up mistery

Anxiety leads to depression and depression lead to death so i guess we can all say

Anxiety is Murderous with a very silent wept

This poem is about: 
Our world



Loved this❤️!

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