Sometimes it's hard for me to breathe

 Or sometimes I can't seem to see

That these things can take seconds or weeks

To just calm itself down for me

It's nothing physical like the monsters people fear

For this one is much more brave

It's something that's always been near

Something that's been grave

It's called anxiety

It's something that's been implanted into my mind and body

One might say it's a part of my personality

but I say it makes my judgement cloudy

However my friends are the ones that help

They make sure im alright

They make sure i'm felt

I think about them all night

They motivate me to better myself

And understand that anxiety is not my boss

I don't know what i'd do without them

for they're my appreciation and i'm grateful for that

Even though I still get nervouus every now and then

It's always getting better whenever i'm with them

My friend group of eight

All graduated

But I know for sure I love em

Because they created

The better version of myself

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"one might sy it's  part if my personlaity , bu i sayt make my jugement clody" I ve been strugglin with anxiet my whole life (28 years) and for lac o nowlege i barely got diagnosed with anxiety an depression. that line has explained my life  . thank o

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