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I’m a victim of my own mind.
I can never sit in the front row for anything.
I never talk about my feelings because the fear of being thought of as dramatic haunts me.
Anxiety overwhelms me.
The closer I get to school, the more nervous and sick I feel.
I think everyone is talking about me, knows about me, has heard my horrible life story.
I wonder if people only talk to me out of pity.
Anxiety overwhelms me.
I feel completely and utterly alone…while being surrounded by people.
I miss out on life because I’m irrationally afraid of everything.
I feel the ice making its way through my entire body.
Anxiety overwhelms me.
I feel it taking over me and I panic even more.
Anxiety overwhelms me.
The blood is electrifying.
Anxiety overwhelms me.
My heart begins to pulsate faster and harder.
Anxiety overwhelms me.
I’m scared that everyone can tell I’m silently suffering.
Anxiety has overwhelmed me.

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I can realate to you in someways. I have an anxiety disorder, and I connected with a lot of what you said.

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