An Antidepressant labeled "Awesome"

“How I Saw Awesome” –Idk what to title it I don’t think its very good
Eyes open, toes touch hardwood floors
And I have hot coffee and oatmeal waiting.
I’m going for a personal record of
Consecutive days lived, and today I am alive.
There was a real time a few months ago
Where getting out of bed scared me-
I dreamed away days and read too many
Books to escape a frightening world
But I take my depression pills now with a shaky hand
And smile into my yellow coffee cup,
Arranging the day in my creamy reflection:
I’ll laugh with my mother and take long walks with my dogs,
I’ll plant flowers in the dirt and breath salty air
And Live.
I am reminded of the importance of life
In the smile on my siblings, the stories I share
with Dad across the dinner table,
The shy encounters at the grocery store when a binky is dropped
And maybe if I weren’t there to pick it up for that mother it would have remained forgotten.
Life isn’t awesome because of the gifts we get on holidays
Or the compliments we receive on our eyes that look like stars
Life isn’t awesome because I got 100 likes on Instagram
Life is pretty awesome because I am blessed with a healthy mind and body,
Because I choose to create happy, awesome moments,
And because I seek a perspective that praises the simply wonderful,
Because when all of the little happy moments come together
They make a happy life
And that is pretty awesome.
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