San Diego California
United States

Anticipation is killing me

I start doing things nervously

Anticipation, Love slows me down

Our situation becomes diffent; cause you got someone else now.

I never want to make you juggle hearts or keep the new in the dark.

But, I'm kinda curious how these new roles play....

Will or can you place me  at the top of the new day

Yours...Anticipation turns to nervousness as it turn to fear

Wondering if the future is just an end near

The past stirring up thrills

Reminiscing brings chills

I'm thinking about you and the way you make me fee.

Passionate, yet disturbing.

Memories so delicate that it becomes unnerving

Questioning can we be friends again?

Confusn, daily my stronghold loses grip. Taught my body to breath lies but my lips still

retain your kiss... I CAN'T

Still love you and believe in you, can't fathom life without you.

But here  go again, doing the most.

Understand, that its just anticipation haunting our misconnection like ghost.


-Johnathan C. Whitworth Sr.



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