"ANTI-STIGMA"ImaginYou thinkAm



You think

Am in competion

When petition 

Is not in position 

To give proper protection

To infected if not affected


That I could 

Widely, vividly

Open my innermost story

For you to rank me

From the top position 

To the later

In complition of

Personal satisfaction. 



You say you are souundproof

Blocking every plea

Cry for consideration

That I give in communication

Action in moderation

Ask my shoe

I felt I could become


And evaporate in atmosphere

As the sphere is now 


When they will pour 

Their ruthless wrath

On hearing that "I"




I never meant to say

But its brutality

And not hospitality

That kills my integrity


All the possibilities

Turning to impossibilities

Speaking of realities

I lived life 

Full of intergration 

Intimidation, devaluation

Life behind closed doors

Shuttered dreams that

That could not tell 

My direction




Need not bully you 

But see the beauty

Of  my heart


Bumping like the tsunami

Dropping subliminal messages

Searching for peace of mind

Where its insecurity 

Is the order of the day

But ought to hold

My personalities



I wish i could hug

Embrase everyone who

Who is an anti-stigma

As you add life

In me

Knowing every hour

Offers brutal battle

But the truth is 

I won the war

The war that is worse

Than 1st 2nd and 3rd

World war

Lets bow to audiance

For your valued presence

And thank "you"

For your commence

As you fight to 


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My family
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