Anti Social

I walk through this school,

not understanding this class,

not the ones with math or writing,

those I mostly pass,

but the class in which you learn of people,

of their habits and their minds,

I'm lost when it comes to humans,

I'm lost and cannot find,

the meaning to their sayings,

why they dress the way they do,

why they say things so backwards,

in a way to find the truth,

it's true I'm antisocial,

never was a social butterfly,

where most rush out to great the world,

I curse it out and hide,

so it's true, I don't get people,

I'm horrible in groups,

but I'm loyal if you know me,

maybe I'd like you,

but I'll never know your story,

you sad person on the web,

I'm horrible with people,

so I'll stick to words instead.



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