A world unknown,

To heaven, one’s own.

Wisdom forever doomed,

To in the darkness always loom


One man with the power,

The power to rule

A forever lost art,

Where the wise know,

That they are the fools


Never ending knowledge,

A fountain hidden in the forgotten valley.

Lost and unheard of

The missing piece to our burden


Freedom the key,

And love the illicit notion.

A world built upon lies,

Coexistence the seemingly obvious option.


Love thyself naught,

And always loathe each other,

Do as you have been taught,

And deny thy brother.


Individualism cut out,

Choices for the greater good,

Monotonous lives start to sprout,

Brother, let us do as we should,

A broken society without a doubt.


The phrases from the manuscripts,

Blotted and scorched out.

When we forget who we are,

Life as we know it,

Starts to fall apart.


But the light at the end of the day,

Will lead us not into temptation,

But deliver us from evil,

As known by the foundation,

That this society has always been laid in.


And once again,

A hero will rise to the dark lands,

The underdog at the right hand,

And darkness will subside,

From that one brave misfit’s life.

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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