Antessa And I

Inspired by a photograph

Antessa and I are standing near the rock.
We are posing for the photographer.
Beautiful flowers embellish the gardens around us.
She turns her back to the rock,
I put my left hand around her waist,
And I gently pull her to my side.
Crabgrass covers the spot where our feet are.

The Assembly Hall is visible in the backdrop.
Scores of people are walking about on the premises.
I press my posterior against the rock.
I cross my legs and turn my head sideways
As if I am taking a candid photograph.
She is looking straight at the sister in front of her.

It is the first time we are taking a picture together.
We are anticipating the best possible outcome.
The heat of July is almost unbearable.
Her outer garment is shaking in the stiff breeze.
There is an attractive motif on her scarf.
And she is wearing a fashionable handbag.

The photo shoot lasts for just a moment.
And we certainly treasure every second of it.
Lunchtime is up and we have to go inside.
I courteously escort her to a seat in the auditorium.
We sit quietly and listen to the prelude.
And we wait for the afternoon session to begin.


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