An Ant Hill

I look around and see

The long road ahead of me.

Though the path is rough and hard

I look to the positive and am no longer on guard.


I continue on and keep walking

Until I see something shocking.

There is a bridge that I must cross

But halfway through part is lost.


I know that I must continue on

To seek the destination to which I am drawn.

As I approach the gap so near my feet

With courage and hope I will not retreat.

In the corner of my eye the answer is near

And I cannot believe that I had so much fear

It was an illusion all along.

The bridge was not weak, but very strong.


With humility and new-found strength

I see that the bridge is the perfect length.

I cross with confidence, and my head held high

And think to myself, how come I asked why?


I walk on and laugh inside

About the time when I was terrified.

Back then it seemed like such a big deal,

When really it was just an ant hill.



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