Another Soul


United States
32° 25' 30.1476" N, 84° 57' 1.944" W

There's a soul in her belly
I hate to say it but my old lady's pregnant
And I'd be lying if i said that I wasn't sweating it
But at this time I feel I shouldn't be regretting it
I mean the possibility's cool, the conception is the one I really ponder
I wonder that one position I was the one that was under
But I guess that doesn't matter huh
Just had to knock it out the park and I was batter up
I just wish i would have never been that selfish though
Make her feel wrong when she'd always tell me no
But see she knew what was to come that's why she tell me no
I blame myself I just don't know why she didn't tell me though
And now she want top take the it was all her fault
But if it wasn't for me we wouldn't be at this at all
She wouldn't be worrying and wouldn't even have this little talk
Shit I'd be stress free and minus all the baddest of thoughts
Like what if I'm a bad father and that savage come out
I don't want my child to ask his mom why his daddy ran out
Cause she wouldn't give him no answer that he can handle right now
Especially if I told him that we the men are the man of the house


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