Another shot of Rum

Wed, 01/29/2014 - 21:35 -- trikey

I sent for God

To pass me another shot             

With another round of rum

From his cup overflowed

My alcoholic messiah

Sick of sobriety

Sick, I drowned sobriety

Eclipse- shadowed under God

High on faith in my messiah

God handed me another shot

Tears rise to the brim; overflow

In to my cup of rum


The stench of the rum

Could crack me to sobriety

The room overflows

With an opaque fog, that is God

Into his arm another shot

My arm is an injected messiah



Ecstasy runs to my brain- my infected messiah

Doubling my vision with another round of rum

Struck into the martyr’s innards, another shot

Another whisk away from sobriety

Another drink to the almighty God!

Let the spirit overflow!


Let HIM overflow

Within me, my messiah

How mighty the almighty! God!


Nevermore…NEVERMORE will I come to sobriety!



Another round, another shot

It engulfs and overflows

Sinking ship and sobriety

My alcoholic messiah

Would you, if it wouldn’t be of trouble, another cup of rum

My beloved…my God


I take one last shot, one more slip of my ashed messiah

My tab can’t afford another overflow to my cup of rum

My beloved, where has my sobriety gone…my God…?


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