Another Sad Poem

Another Sad PoemWhen you were first born, I was happy as could be.Being a part of your life is like a privilege to me. We both smiled and cried and when we were mad at each other, we both rolled our eyes and loudly sighed. In the end, we still loved each other like a dog loves a car ride.Then all of a sudden, you weren't the same.You didn't eat, talk, or want to play our games. After cooking your favorites and trying to play what you love.Nothing worked and you just didn't budge.I was having a great day after I heard the news.Then everything about me changed, especially my moods.I prayed to God that you were okay and that you would make it out just fine.Even though you were in a wheelchair, I loved you even more because you found a way to shine.Somehow, you became with the sick again and I prayed again.I wanted you to be better and out of pain.God answered my prayers, but not as I thought.When my mother told me the news, to the ground I dropped. You will never lose the place you have put in my heart, that you can believe.That place has been there from 2004 to 2014 and eternity.I am aware that the readers don't even know about him.The only way I could express his life is in another sad poem.

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My family
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