Another Patient


Envy carressing my every move

As soon as I get free there is always a different need to prove

Sweating, stressing, and epileptic, from all this magnitude

Sinister thoughts screaming from these demons that intrude

Praying for a minute of their silence

I can't explain it so I just write it

Just another way to escape but there's handcuffs so I just fight it

A world so close minded never dare to sever the line of being simple

Now every thought, truth, worth is tearing at my temple

So much bottles up that I begin to lose my respiration

Steady breathing seize; every word determines its relation

In the end we are all just different patients

That checked with different pains and different complications

I lay awake at night, "eventually there must be peace?"

But how can there be peace when there are two inside of me?

I look into the mirror such a look of confusion and illusion

The face I bare is just a story with no conclusion

Me, Myself, and I ; the soul and smile that I miss

To live a life of honesty

I guess just ins't worth the risk

The burden of this task

Slowly slipping through my grasp.....

To show after all this time what's hidden behind the mask














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