Another Morning Stroll

Soothing aromas and sweet flowery scents hang in the calm, cool morning breeze sweeping across the city, to the point where one can almost taste the pastries and coffee nearby. The park is a tranquil paradise looming in pure silence. New autumn leaves dance across the damp, icy cold pavement like performers in the ballet. Such mesmerizing fall colors span from shades redder than wild roses and yellower than the glittering sun. Relaxed, elderly citizens meander quietly through the beauty and elaborate simplicity of the park. Passageways silhouetted by rustling trees lead all who walk through into a calm train of thought and a mind of gentle notions. People do not speak because of what they seek: the long, momentary, peak of their peace of mind. Sunshine lathers tree leaves in little rays of luxurious light that percolate through relative flora and vegetation residing in the serene environment. Dead foliage gets mashed and stamped by passing tramps attached to people of banter and play and unique individuality in every which way. Irritated by the pollen in the air, little toddlers halt their childish antics for a few tedious moments to sneeze and embrace their allergies. Running shoes smack and thump against concrete as marathoners accelerate with all the energy they can possibly muster, approaching the final stretch of their long race. Beneath the earth, worms navigate the vast plain of underground darkness only to succumb to their ultimate fate in which famished birds descend upon their anticipated meal for a morning snack. Majestically, blue jays, robins, hummingbirds, and other flying fauna, flutter amongst the plethora of honeysuckles, lilies, bluebells, and other wonderful flowers swaying in diminutive gardens and fields outlining the park’s perimeter and pathways. Bees buzz circumspectly, flying from bloom to bloom, pollinating the vast plant life, and basking in the shimmering sunshine blazing through gaps between scores of leaves and branches intertwined amid adjacent trees. Honks and yells and traffic spells signal the true bustle of the city is awakening. Another morning stroll ends, and a new day begins to emerge.

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