Another Moment With You

For Stacy-Ann

I had everything I needed when you were with me.
Now I hope in vain for another moment with you.
Life without your love will cause me to go insane.
The last hour I spent with you appeared to be a dream.
Somehow I knew the dream was about to end.
I left you with the feeling that you would see me again.
You had no idea what was going to happen to us.

I sent thoughtless texts to you when I got home.
You did your best to save me from hurt and loss.
Honey, you should have seen how confused I was.
My jealous wife loved me the same way you did,
But loving you brought happiness to my life.
I had both of you and I did not have to choose one.
You knew that I loved you more than her.

The illicit relationship was going well for you,
But I just could not cope with a secret love affair.
You were the one I wanted to be with, not her.
I cannot express how sorry I am for the way I acted.
What in heaven’s name was I thinking?
I slipped away from your unsuspecting heart.
And I forfeited my chance to see a future with you.
Now I know the pain of dejection that you felt.

A day has not gone by that I have not thought about you,
But you have made up your mind to forget me.
I shall still love you, no matter how many years go by.
Whatever the cost, I want you back in my life.
It will take a miracle to restore the love you had for me.
You resolutely refuse to see me or speak to me,
And it hurts to spend another moment without you.


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