Another guy

She sat on the porch as she wiped her tears.



Put on the same brave face, the same face shes done for years.



Now she never lets her guard down,and make sure shes always in control.



Memorized her lines and her place, she knows her roll.



Now she has slowly become the character shes come to play.



Only because the two are both familiar with the term, " betray."



Promises broken, lost loves in the past,



and of course the “trust me's” that didn't last.



Two different personalities of the same person.



And it seems that only day by day it's only worsen. 



Plays as if shes fine in the eyes of others,



but alone... all she does is suffers .



Become a lonely girl 



wide awake in the darkness of her own world.



A victim by the rules she lives by.



Angry, but sad... and she can't even remember why.



The worst feeling is when you're breathing, yet barly alive.



Cause a long time ago, a part of you died inside.



Trust takes years to build, and seconds to break.



And trusting you, letting you in, now she considers a mistake.



By doing so she gave you ability to hurt her.



And therefore leaving her heart insecure. 



She blames herself cause she has no one else to blame.



Because of what you did things will never be the same.



Shell forgive but never forget.



By doing what you did you lost her respect.



Truth in your words are drowned in your actions.



And her last reaction , is not even a fraction



how how she felt, and what she really wanted to do.



But she did what she did...Because she cares about you.



Pretty words may be easier to say and hear,



but it will never make the truth disappear.



She without s second thought put that wall back up.



Because this in the last time, that's enough. 



The wounds are still fresh,



And at this point she doesn't really have anything left.



But she still stands with her head held high,



Cause never again, will she be hurt... not by another guy.


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