Another Galaxy

Blue, Yellow, Purple, Red,

All these colors running through my head,

Going through my heart to my hand.

Brush strokes that feel so mesmerizing.

Each shade, color, and line,

That creates paintings that are all mine.

Feeling so free, and able to escape from the world,

No…not the world, I’m escaping from my body,

Taken to another galaxy that is 12,000 miles from the milky way!

Taken to a place where there are no minutes, hours, not even a day.

I’m lost in my own mind, and cannot be found.

No amount of sadness or anger could overturn this passion of mine!

This is not just a hobby for me, it is a part of me, It is what I live for.

That craving in your heart to show your vision to everyone,

To let them see inside your mind.

Painting is my way to find my place in mankind,

It is that type of feeling that is one of a kind.


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