Another Day

Wake up
Another day
Get up
Another day
Look in the mirror
Another day
Another day of this
This day will be the same
As any other day
I know that in my mind
But I can't get the thought out of my head
That I should really just give up and not try
But why
Oh why
Can't I listen to that voice
That tells me to stop and drop
And just give up?

I wish
Oh I wish
I'd stop getting these chills
For reals
How do you deals with the feels
Of life constantly tearing you down
Wearing you down
'Til there's nothing left?

Another day
People stare
I'm aware
Don't get it twisted
I curl up on myself
Wishing I'd disappear
How can they judge when they're not feeling what I do
I guess it's alright
I'd do the same if I was in their shoes.

Another day
Too bad
I'm so sad
Ha ha ha
I sit around with this grin on my face
Constantly spitting lies to my friends and family
Right to their faces
Never thinking to face the matter
Oh what's the matter is what they'd say
I'm being over dramatic and erratic and in a daze
It's okay
It's just another day
In the life with a mind that wants me to fail
Never fails to make me feel a darkness
That outshines a light
That could lead my way out of this haze
Out of this craze
That I can't get out of.

Another day
Has gone by
Bye bye
Drained as usual
Head is clogged up like my drains
I'm feeling drained
Lay down
Maybe it'll get better
Better not shout
It'll make it worse
Never know what could happen
Could be the same
I guess I'll see tomorrow
'Cause tomorrow brings
Another day.

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Our world


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