Another Chance

They say its beauty behind words but there could also be disaster

Who actually lucks up with a happily ever after

I leave it to the movies and fairy tales to have created my perception of love

Love was the cure to everything but no one mention overdose

When “I love you turn” into “I hate you” and everything that was right is apparently wrong

We're both too stubborn to figure out where we've gone wrong

Back again to singing these sad love songs

I guess this place is familiar because it seems as though despair can last longer than happiness

Holding onto all your mishaps and wrongs

Letting emotions eat you alive into a hollow shell

Let love remind  you that you let that person put you through hell

Scared and broken up 

You may let this down fall defeat you

Now anyone who meets you

Will see the hurt, hate and all guards up 

Been so fixated on hate and revenge you can't even let new love in

If you fight hate with hate this animosity will never end

Give love another chance



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