With Another

loving one

who loves another

can break you in half

as you wither

I wither away

when he smiles at her



I am in love with his eyes

brown and warm

he may speak lies

but his voice I love

he makes my heart stop

i can no longer breathe

only fire and intensity

between him and me


he holds her in bed

i break

i realize he'll always love her instead

in the morning in his room

her eyes beckon him to stay

and i picture in doom

i picture his laugh

i picture his cry

i picture this as I see him

I see him and I die


how long will you keep me

oh hispanic dream

how long will you steal me

as i tear at the seams

ho long will i love you

will i always be cursed

to always love you

because loving you hurts.

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Corrie Pearson

I really like you're poem and the emotions it brings out. I have tears in my eyes as Im reading it, I can feel the pain!

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