I am studying,

Can’t you see?

Why must you hum?

You are not a bee.


Pick up your own mess!

I am not your mother!

Want a sandwich?

Consult your brother.


Quit hogging the bathroom,

You are not queen.

I can’t wait much longer,

So quit your taunting!


Simply hearing your voice,

Just makes me cringe.

When your anywhere near me,

I feel my skin singe.


I must not forget,

The obnoxious “smack” of chewing gum,

Please just swallow,

Let it rest in your tum.


Use your blinkers!

I hate slamming on my brakes!

I can’t read minds,

For heaven’s sake!


Stop yelling so loud!

I’m standing right here.

How would you like it,

if I screamed in your ear?


I’m a big girl!

Don’t tell me what to do!

All I ever hear is:

“Do this, do that, and be home by curfew!”


“Blah Blah Blah”

Your lectures are boring.

Can we do something fun,

Before I start snoring?


So what makes me tick,

You have the nerve to ask?

I could go on for days,

But that’d be quite a task!


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