Anki (father)

My defender, my first love, my dad. 

In my early years you were all I needed, all I had.

Then with no waving, death came for you.

Alone at only 10, I felt it had taken me too.

Once upon a time, life was a nursery rhyme,

so simple and trouble free.

Now that I am older my life is up to me.

Our family stepped up to care for me and did their best.

They gave me their love and their wisdom,

But now I must do the rest. 

My goal is to make them proud.

To live their ways, to respect them I have vowed. 

Life decisions are simply a choice.

When I speak, I hope to hear their voice. 

Someday we will meet again,

I suppose I will be a grown up,

until then.  

This poem is about: 
My family


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