The Angry Man

Fri, 07/25/2014 - 15:23 -- Kelebra


Let me start with a bit of history,

Some facts about myself,

I enjoy blissful tranquility,

So my patience seems to have no end.

But no matter how deep my patience may be,

I am still a human being.

I bleed just like anyone else,

And I also know how to feel.


So when I am faced with problems,

And my blood begins to rise,

The anger becomes evident

As my patience flees and hide.

I still manage to be civil,

And my actions are dignified,

I just have to let it all out,

When I get ticked off on the inside.


It really bursts my bubbles

When I hide something away,

Only to find when I return for it,

That it has somehow gone astray.


I hate it when close-minded people,

Fight me for my opinions.

Instead voice your own,

And avoid treating me as a minion.


Some of these trends in society,

They really drive me crazy.

Why should guys bother to wear pants?

When it seems they would rather go naked.


I am blinded by rage

When I think of this society.

The poor at the bottom,

Left to their own demise.

The rich at the top,

The wolves in disguise.


It really breaks my heart

When I think of the inequalities in our lives.

Because without the necessary funding,

The poor will never rise.

Education forms the steps to liberation and empowerment.

Therefore, to climb the ladder to success,

People need to have access to this enlightenment.

But many times this goal is just plain unattainable,

Because the cost of tuition can be so unbearable.


Don’t get me wrong,

I have nothing against the rich.

Because many of these people

Work real hard to have nice things.

It just really grinds my gears

When I think about the poor,

The weight that they are burdened with,

The hard life and so much more.


Well to be completely honest

I detest anything unfair

 My mind becomes clouded with rage

And I become someone to fear.

This is a universal trait,

A norm for human beings

To argue and to fight

And to vent if needs be.


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