Angie Who

Mon, 09/30/2013 - 22:47 -- chidiio

Angie Brooks who was ironically born

in the month of May gave birth to four

is as gentle as the stroke of a newborn

who from the start would grow

into a exquisite wife, mother, and friend

Angie who I refer to as mom

has roots and is as strong as titanium

and an accent as sharp as nails screeching a chalk board

 from the ‘Motherland’ as which she refers to home

Angie who emigrated

 to subsist in an enhanced environment

her cooking more appetizing than dessert itself

who travels from place to place

to experience memories Kodak could not even capture

who comes home to allocate those memories

onto paper which then transforms into an album then albums

whose adulation is lifted to God

every morning for granting her serenity

is always “Too blessed to be stressed”

has proud gray and white strands of old age

because she knows we won’t kill her

before her time is going to come

is so many thing a poem can not cover alone

but experience to understand it better

who is this Angie Brooks people speak of

someone once heard of with all these ambitions

has died and ascended back to earth

knocked on my door as mommy to me



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