Anger, Finally

My eyes narrow

You are standing there

There's hate down to my marrow

As if you even care


Firmly I say no

And your shock I despise even more

you think I don't have that power, bro?

Just wait till you see what's in store


I could grab the Mike

Shake it and scream raw

Your transgressions finally exposed

Through my open "whorish" maw


But I'm so broken I can barely breathe

I stand so my scars lend strength to my smile

I stand and I see and I seethe

Bastard, you’re gon’ walk that long, green mile


Just because you hurt me

Doesn't mean I won't come up fighting

Just because you thought you'd go free

Doesn't mean you'll escape the guilt-ridden biting


Its time you face the facts

You're not some Christian saint

Youre cruel and your mean

And my sanity you'll always taint.



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