Anger and Hatred

Anger the bastard child of Hatred despised and rejected stands before his father and ask

"What do me and my mother mean to you?"

With glowing red eyes Hatred answers

"I care nothing for you or your mother Lust. Lust your mother is nothing more than a slut who I had sex with."

Looking Hatred in his fiery red eyes Anger says

"For someone who lurks in the shadows you hurl a lot of insults."

Stepping closer to Anger, Hatred responds with another insult

"Your mother Lust is a slut plain and simple. How can you not know and who are you to question me?"

With a bold voice Anger said

"My mother is not a slut and I am your son."

With an evil smile Hatred said

"Her name tells you what she is. Don't blame me for the life you was dealt. If you're looking for Love you'll find her with the rest of the virtues in Tranquility. Why can't you be more like your sister Cruelty? Truly you are a waste of semen."

Turning his back to Hatred, Anger responded by saying

"These are my last words to you. You're a pillar of salt. No one wants to be around you."

As Anger walked into the night he heard Hatred say

"Like father like son."

Written by Keith Edward Baucum

This poem is about: 
Our world


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