There is only so much a person can take


Anger is a dangerous emotion


She rants and rages


I sit there in silence cause I don't have an answer


I don't have anything to say


Because what if it is the wrong thing


I stare straight ahead and beg her in 


my mind to stop talking


She turns the anger on me




Cold shoulder


I'm going to do it to you too


She says all this with anger


Anger is what fills my life


I get angry so easy and often


If you happen to cross me


I spit venomous words or hurt you


A massive volcano built up for years


Suddenly takes a spill


I regret it shortly after


But some things are hard to forgive over the years of repetitiveness


I don't know how to stop


I don't know to make her happy


I don't know how to make me happy


I wish they wouldn't fight






I'm afraid it will be the death of me


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