Angels we lost !

When somebody leaves you feel lost
emotions and feelings almost all crossed
lost and missing there memory through your thoughts

It feels like life can't go on cause that one person's gone
you want them to see your accomplishments and success and you at your best

But there gone and remembered
and those memories will simmer in our brains
as guardian angels will be gained
doves from above wich were all loved
and sacred as our own personal doves

For anyone who has ever loved and lost someone in your life
know its alright but fight
fight for whats right and keep the memories
they'll help you through
but most of all know those people still love you

They fly high in better places
watching down looking at your faces
hopeing you stay in better graces
watching you create different spaces
they're their and not going anywhere
I swear no matter what their not going anywhere

This poem is about: 
My family
Our world
Guide that inspired this poem: 



hope everyone likes


Great use of rhyme! I love this poem but feel that separating ideas into stanzas would make it flow better. Just a thought. Overall I notice this trend in your poems and think it would help you elevate their sophistication. Of course, that's a creative decision :)

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