Angels in the Field

Is that all we could see
Was that all we could tell
Are these all we could talk about

America accusing China of a virus
That got spread across the world even in the cities of Cyprus

About death in Italy, people buried daily in mass
And the suspension of churches from morning and evening mass

About Antichrist and the 5G network
And how the world has lost its net worth

Are these all we could talk about

About palliative. Staying at home and washing our hand habitually
To avoid being written an obituary

We talk about the vaccine
And whether or not the cure could be chloroquine

But how on earth do we not mention the angels in the field
The doctors, nurses, paramedics and other health workers
Who tirelessly serve their communities
Devoting their time and energy to control the spread of this virus
Exposing themselves to covid 19 patients on dailies
And will go back home to still stay with their families

These are fathers
They are mothers too
Uncles and aunts

Everyday they leave their homes with the fear of not returning
And the fear of dying in the course of their duty

They too have homes like you
They are mortals
They are exposed to the virus
They can die from it
But have never for one day decided to quit

These are heroes
Heroes of the battle we can't fight
Standing before our bullets every day and night
They are just like the mirrors
The minute they shatter
There's no way to gather
The scattered pieces
And yet they don't make headlines on our TVs

Maybe we think they fell from the sky
Or they were touched by the gods
And can't turn to stone even if they look
At the Gorgon Medusa
Or maybe we think they were cursed
To be the cure of the sickness we can't cure
Maybe we don't know we have angels in the field
Or maybe I'm just telling you.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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