Angels Can Wait

You know your mom’s been coming to see you

And you should know every day I’m here too

My people been saying I’m gonna go broke taking off so many hours

Running to the store to get you flowers

Those roses by the windowsill, firm and colorful

White, yellow, red all just as beautiful

I heard your roomie had a baby

Also heard she went home yesterday

Man I wish it was you

Your old man…is having a hard time on what to do

Hasn’t been easy on me

Not too much in this world aside from you makes me happy

A buried treasure, I’m glad I found

Who knows what and where I would have been had you not come around

Before I knew it you taught me what love is

I hope you hearing me when I say this

Every king has a queen, baby you were it

I use to dream of paradise but when you came along my world became perfect

You are what the world needed

A hero you are to me and heroes shouldn’t be sleeping

If you’re so tired come home with me away from the machines

Let’s sneak out like what we used to do when we were teens

We don’t even have to leave this building just let me see your eyes

Hear your voice and feel your embrace cradle my cries

You don’t know, oh you just don’t know what I would give

To hear you tell those doctors “I’m not going to die” when they said you wouldn’t live

That alone would put my mind at ease

My doubts aside and my heart at peace

Because I know that you’re a fighter

Admittedly you’re a master survivor

I don’t want to guilt you, but how could I live without you here?

You are my angel and I feel that it’s not your time, not this day; not this year

I know that you’re hurting but, baby stay with me, baby please be patient

Don’t you know that the angels can wait; I promise they can wait for a moment…


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