An angel of gold

I see her as she stares up at the skies 

Beautiful, with crystal blue eyes

She looked like a sunrise 

extravagant and full of promise 


To know her is a gift 

But to know she would never be mine was a stake to the heart  

And to see her with someone else like a poisonous dart

Her very soul a work of art 


And there was her music

I could listen to it endlessly

The way the words flowed over me 

I loved to watch how she played so effortlessly


She was an angel flying on wings of gold

She was an amazing sight to behold

Her tale one of wonder but rarely told

Of my heart she slowly began to take hold 


Often I would sit and wonder 

Is this the day I say I love her

But my thoughts were asunder 

What if she said no the thought echoed like thunder


So I will just remain in silence

And though she may not  know she still enchants

With a voice more enticing the a thousand sirens

Waiting as my heart beats in defiance



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