Angel Dust

Once upon a time

All angels on earth could fly

They all had wings

All expect one

This angel here was me


All the time they flew

And they teased me!

Laughed continuously at me

Because I had no wings


Then I grew strong and tall

I wore the clouds from the sky

Strangely one day I grew

Golden wings

And I too could fly


But thieves from the darkness

Behind a forbidden wall

Stole my wings from me

Clipped them and all


So far and wide, high and low

From every city, state, country

I know

Till all the angels cried

They loved me only for my Golden wings

And now they disown me

And try to lower my pride


So I tell my little story

To remind you

Why I can’t fly

So that he or she

May remember me

And my dream to fly will stay alive


For whoever has stolen my wings

Will return them back to me

Because their mine

God gave them to me

For, me

So only I can fly


Yes, they are pretty

Yes, they are tough

Thanks for giving them back to me

I hope my thanks is enough!


Angels are not extinct

No, we have not given up

We simply walk the grounds

Like humans

I wanted to walk

And God gave me

Angel Dust


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