An Angel and An Unseen Hand

An angel and an Unseen Hand
Have joined in heaven's land
And have the sweetest moments spent
Upon that golden strand
He speaks to her in gentle tones,
with understanding eye
He knows her cares, her wonderment
Much more than you or I
She's flourishing, and growing too
Beneath His loving care
I'm hopeful soon to hear the scope
Of all that she will share
That Unseen Hand is guiding her
Until I take her hand
Together, talking we will join
Eternal, Heaven's band
by David C Rogers

This poem is about: 
My family
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You certainly are gifted author! My condolences on your loss. I pray that you feel God's loving embrace. 


Janine, thank you for your kind words. This poem was written 8 months after friends of ours gave birth to a stillborn girl. She was so sweet and special. It seems as if their life has been on hold. I wrote it thinking of them and her.

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