Mon, 03/10/2014 - 16:16 -- sgray4



HE is my everything

The reason for my existence

Without HIM i am nothing

Like a spoon without a dish


i was concocted to protect them as HE has told me those whom HE said were created in

   "my image and my likeness..."




they are not created in HIS image and likeness


I AM the one that loves HIM!

ME and only ME


I will fight him until HE sees

NO ONE replaces ME

I will show HIM that they are nothing like HIM

they are weak and immoral, feeble and immortal


those wretches should never witness HIS face

they should never speaketh HIS name

But now they shall fear THINE

I will construct a Labyrinth furnished with elaborate tortures and chambers


But HE said that they will betray HIM

HE said they will condemn the second of the three

HE said they will say that the things that HE created happened by their false god

he calls ME insubordinate?!


HE knows how they will treat HIM

And yet HE still loves them?

I will not stand for this any longer


Yes! Banish me ALL MIGHTY


But all is NOT lost for ME!


There will be a time of a reckoning

A rapture of sorts

he and his comrades fought against ME and mine in a battle


I have been triumphed over in this battle

But yet I still smile

Because there will be a war

A war

To settle ALL scores...


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